A high-quality recreation oasis on lagoon's shore

In Nida, on the Curonian lagoon shore, in a 1.4 ha territory, next to Thomas Mann house, an exceptional neighbourhood, meeting all your needs and standards, is being built. There you can find everything: from small and cozy to spacious apartments with terraces or balconies. The territory of the neighbourhood borders with a beautiful pine forest of Curonian Spit and only a few steps away is a Curonian lagoon with special paths for cyclers and pedestrians.

Pamario Slenis (Pamario Valley) - an ideal place for a modern recreation. There you can find a spacious kids’ playground and a car parking lot. The entry to the territory is restricted, so the outsiders would not bother you and your peacefulness.

The neighbourhood of Pamario Valley blends into Nida’s nature, and the architecture of the buildings maintains the spirit and the style of the land. Purvyne’s territory, where the neighbourhood is being built, used to be a separate settlement where loads of businesses where established, including some garages and hotels. Now Purvyne and Pamario streets are calm, renovated and belong to Neringa’s city, Nida.